It’s almost 2017, when 2016 year’s wardrobe is becoming completely outdated and useless. Just kidding. Just because we are shopping for new trends, it doesn’t mean we can’t still work on the current trends in fresh and different ways. Sometimes all it takes is a quick little update to pull off the look you loved so much for the last couple of seasons.

Stripes? Still totally classic—but add a matching skinny scarf, and your outfit gets an instant upgrade, making it all the eye catching. And if, for you, the winter months scream for furry outerwear, why not just invest in a stole to layer over your camel peacoat?

Sure, the 2017 style scene has a different look about it, but we’ve been told change is important in our lives. Scroll down to see how to adapt your closet, and then shop for the pieces you need to pull it off.

  1. Over the knee boots 


2016: Pulled over skinny jeans with a standout top

2017: In a Luxe material like suede that’ll make you feel sexy when you show them off with a miniskirt. 

    2. Stripes 

2016: Across a tight fitting sweater. 

2017: In a button down silhouette with a matching skinny scarf. 

    3. Statement Scarf. 

2016: In a printed silk fabric that became the focal point of your outfit. 

2017: Black, Velvet, Skinny, Long. 

     4. Canadian Tuxedo.

2016: Boyfriend jeans and a blouse that don’t quite match 

2017: Separates in a similar, if not exact, shades that are broken up by a chic mockneck. 

     5. Plaid. 

2016: Loud and proud, perhaps on a textured coat. 

2017: To draw attention to a brand new silhouette, like your slouchy overalls.

6. Bombar Jacket.

2016: Sporty, with stripes at the sleeves and waistband. 

2017: Silky, with colourful embroidery. 

     7. Distressed Denim

2016: Ripped blue jean, rolled up at the bottom. 

2017: Straight-leg denim that’s shredded at the ankle. 


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